About Outcast

Outcast is a lgbtq+ literary magazine based in South Asia. We aim to bring change via sharing stories, poetry and art that thrust narratives from a local context into the limelight and allow people to understand better and start a conversation that can lead to change.

What led to Outcast being created was that in most South-Asian countries the queer community is viewed as a western concept that they have no connection to. Most things that we see about the queer community are on western media and that is our only frame of reference. This is why is it so hard for people to accept and so easy to marginalize the community. If people read stories that are placed in their own local context they will be able to relate to them better and maybe then we will have a better chance at being accepted and understood.

Outcast also hopes to provides a community so that young people struggling with their sexuality know they are never alone.

But above all we are a group of art and literatute loving people out to share amazing works.


Syed Ommer Amer
Fatema Bhaiji
Founder & Poetry Editor
Sania Bilwani
Prose Editor
Steve Gomez
Design Lead
Nayab Imtiaz
Social Media Wrangler

And of course the many behind the scene ninjas who have survived rantings and ravings and provided pro assistance without fail.