Faded Dark Shadows

Sunrays, sunrise, sun shines,

Daytime round the clock,

Strikes at twelve noon,

Grateful and ungrateful,

Success to failures,

Daydreams may come and go,

Surpasses the good from evil.


Heal wounds, rotten, dead,

Atmospheric, pressurized

Universal Outlander sky land,

Praise Creator peace to mankind

To the unkind people.


From offspring to offspring,

Generations to generation,

Blood to blood races,

Don’t know who I am,

Brothers, Sisters thy Children.


Lay  them peace at departed.

Burn flesh,

ashes to ashes,

Every cell begone.


Silver, gray, moonlit at night,

Wonderful hour of darkness,

Sleep tight embrace the night.

Memory steal the shadows,

Apprehended lost ghosts, souls and spirits

Came upon by you, memorizing momentum,

Unlock faded hallowing names,

Helpless, forgotten to forgiven,

Handful maid minds set.


Swords of one word

Obey, justice faith,

Thy command, burn

Crematory in peacefulness

Lighted guarded agonies,

Cries of fate in shaded,

Pale moonlight

The path of light,

Eternal lasting peace.


Mirrors of Sun to Moon

Ease the pain, cries and agonies,

Diseases, vapors, no one

Speak breath onto

The last of minute moment

Of truth that may awaken

This universal man of the hour.


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