Cover Art

When I started this piece I had almost no idea about what kind of art style or what kind of things would be put to paper. I just realized that if I wanted to display true freedom of any kind of community I should stop thinking and I should start feeling, I put down the pen and paper and started going through pictures, videos and thoughts on community. It struck me how people love amidst all the hate that society tends to direct their way without provocation. And then all the bits and pieces started to come together in my head to show me a picture that was quite beautiful as far as I was concerned.
The theme was Love but as I started I realized there are many different kinds of love that I could depict. I began with love for oneself, from there radiated love for others and then kept on going until I realized my mind was empty. I felt like I hit a blank wall. That can't be all the shades of love? I went on to ask other people what I missed and realized that love doesn't always lead to the best of futures and there are chances for things to go sour. I realized that there are people who feel unloved simply because they are different or perhaps that they were so busy searching for one type of love that they completely missed out that they are being bombarded from all sides by different types of love. Love can be beautiful and kind and amazing, but love can also be difficult and toxic and flawed.
Simply putting it, my message is: You are being loved by someone close to you, be it be erotic love or affectionate love, there is always someone out there watching out for you, don’t lose it looking for something that will never give you the happiness that you deserve.

About Steve Gomez
Steve Gomez was born and bred in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He likes to travel and engage in activities that seem unconventional. Steve is a man of the land, studying mechanical engineering and doing the occasional bit of gardening when he feels like it. He likes to occasionally engage in the finer arts when motivated.

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