Silent Screams

No matter how far we progress as a social creature, no matter how much we shout out, “Equality and Love," all we get is a lie, all we get is people trying to get the world to hate us just because we do not resemble their views of normalcy, preaching that we are sin given flesh, solemnly stating that we are the incarnation of the devils coming after their firstborns.
Yet we are love, and we love each other just as they go, this world will be a much better place if everyone could toss aside our petty ancient veil of hate and see the new dawn of love that shines on all no matter who they are.

About Steve Gomez
Steve Gomez was born and bred in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He likes to travel and engage in activities that seem unconventional. Steve is a man of the land, studying mechanical engineering and doing the occasional bit of gardening when he feels like it. He likes to occasionally engage in the finer arts when motivated.

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19th Feb, 2018
👍👍 Empowering.
14th Feb, 2018
This is so brilliant and beautiful, Steve. I want to keep staring at it.