I smoke my cigars, in the wind,

Hoping to run into her,

Her eyes and her breasts;

Everything of her.

Hoping to blend into her,

Survive her,

Transcribe her,

I move my ways about her,

Carelessly, I transcribe her.


Her name is there on my arm,

Only it is not visible to you,

It is as invisible as I am to you,

Or as invincible as I,

And maybe that is why,

You choose to not recognize it

For what it is;

My love for her is all kinds of wrong,

Of course, it is,

If I love myself, or I love another,

It kills you that a woman can have

An existence, unbound by you;

It makes your hair prickle

To think that I may survive by you,

Without you,

Despite you.

About Divya Singh
Divya is someone who finds solace in poetry because the world out there isn't enough for her. Her sense of self comes from not having enough of all she thinks there can be, yet she is someone who is overwhelmed by the possibilities of life at all times. Pursuing literature as an academic and a personal end, her aspirations only go as far as making the most out of everything she has got.

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