Voices of Many

You Are the Voice of Many,

The Voice of Dead Emotions,

To The Live Burning Desires.


From Thirsty Leaves,

To The Ocean Filled with Condolence.


You Know More about Love,

More of Fragrance,

Enclosed in a Lifeless Red Rose.


You Are the Voice Echoing,

At Every Stage of Life,

Life Which Gives Life,

Which is Living Inside.


You Are an Epitome of Struggle,

The Struggle of Death While Waking Up Alive.


You Are Every Day of Every Season,

That Passes by.


An Interpretation of a Resilient Soul,

Which Is Somehow,

Breathless Inside.


You Are the One for Many,

Many Who Are a Challenge,

And Seeking the Infinite Love.


You Are the Heart of Many,

The Heart Which Dies Every Second,

But You Know How to Emerge, Evolve and Fly.


You Are the Unsaid for Every Said Line,

Line of Words Which Holds You,

Not to Grow and Not to Spread the Roots Outside.


You Are the Beauty of World,

Beauty Which Attracts the Bullies,

And Lays Them Inside.


You Know What You Are,

The Struggle of a Mother,

The Struggle of Her Newborn Blood.


You Are the Tigress,

Out on the prowl,

To Soothe Every Inch of Your Ties.


Yes, You Are the Loser for Many,

Loser Which Gives the Heartfelt Smiles,

Smiles Made Up of the Loser’s Endless Sacrifice.


You Are an Unbound Win of the Bounded Society,

Society Which Knows to Suppress the Voices.


Come Up, Come Up,

Let’s Silence These Noises,

Noises That Are Mourning,

From Your Birth to Death.



You Are,

The Voice of Many,


You Are,

The Voice of Many,

Many Who Know the Struggle of Many.

About Ayesha Sheikh
She is a lady who is self-motivated and exuberant. She believes that the most important value is to value others. If anybody doesn't know how to give value to others, he will never be able to recognize and feel the spirit of true love. For her, this life is not only about to live it to its fullest but to give it to its fullest because she knows that the real strength lies in the well being of others.

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