Men and Women

A man and a woman are spades,

Two coins of a currency,

And so when they asked me to choose,

For I could only love one or the other,

I glimpsed over, and said,

No, thank you.

So I loved a man,

And he was fair and kind,

He was handsome as the sky

With a quirky turn of mind,

Then I loved a woman

When the man fell over,

She was supple as a mountain

And quick in her sides,

And the woman though,

She asked me if I missed the man

When I loved her,

I kissed her on her brow

And turned out the lights.

About Divya Singh
Divya is someone who finds solace in poetry because the world out there isn't enough for her. Her sense of self comes from not having enough of all she thinks there can be, yet she is someone who is overwhelmed by the possibilities of life at all times. Pursuing literature as an academic and a personal end, her aspirations only go as far as making the most out of everything she has got.

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14th Feb, 2018
Its a pretty poem. ❤️
14th Feb, 2018
This is brilliant!
14th Feb, 2018
Keep writing 😇