Barnali Ray Shulka - Confidante

They whisper as I walk in them, few promises

in their weaves, pleats sashay along the way

as I walk that extra mile to get further closer

to you and your spoils, to get farther from where

we were told to belong, in their names, surnames,

family names, related males, mellow voices,

smothered choices, permitted vices, vicious cycles,

cycles of life, life leanings, seeking inclusion,

fearing seclusion, secluded missions, missionary

positions, positions of power, powered nights,

knights in shining armour, armed with lies,

serenades, accolades to disarm you and then

walk away when you cry, tears hold no meaning,

he will leave you to weep and fight alone.


Let’s walk into our home,

pitch tents with sarees, play with sunlight,

play with all that their poets wouldn’t want,

slay the lies, slay the shame, let’s make lust-

in a home with no broken promises,

we keep our word and keep out the world,

make amends and make women out of us.





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