Divya Singh - Transcribing

I smoke my cigars, in the wind,

Hoping to run into her,

Her eyes and her breasts;

Everything of her.

Hoping to blend into her,

Survive her,

Transcribe her,

I move my ways about her,

Carelessly, I transcribe her.


Her name is there on my arm,

Only it is not visible to you,

It is as invisible as I am to you,

Or as invincible as I,

And maybe that is why,

You choose to not recognize it

For what it is;

My love for her is all kinds of wrong,

Of course, it is,

If I love myself, or I love another,

It kills you that a woman can have

An existence, unbound by you;

It makes your hair prickle

To think that I may survive by you,

Without you,

Despite you.


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