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Pride Issue

In this issue you will find works that range across a wide spectrum of themes that cover love, pride and queer lives in all their dimensions written by storytellers and poets from around the world.

Editor’s Note

Dear Reader, Welcome to our Pride Issue which was supposed to be the first print edition of Outcast Magazine!

The Man in Your Mirrors

Words slash your jug’lardraining love from pleading eyes.I see my monster.


crossing overthe borderinto the night no passportnor visaat hand determinationdesire to go intoanother land


i think i always knewwho i was,but i was too afraid to saylest i hurt someonewith my mereexistence;but i am done sitting...


When on days you undress like trees, whenit is autumn, you become one of them; like a stranger, I...

Self Validation

Who are you? a rainbowa coat of seven coloursa...

Jimmy and Me

Young Jimmy has a circle around him at one end of the bar, and I have one around me, where I am...

Course Evaluation: A Collection of Unanswered Questions on Gender Identity

Class: Physical Education for Dysphoric Skeletons 101 Your name: Befuddled actor. The asshole who holds up the...