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Pride Issue

In this issue you will find works that range across a wide spectrum of themes that cover love, pride and queer lives in all their dimensions written by storytellers and poets from around the world.

To J.

I’m by the pool, immersed in the blue memoryof the sea. And he is there,in shorts, half hidden in the beach umbrella,...

Our Love

Two desert jewels,radiant pink and violet,emerge from the groundto blossom anew.Stems entwined,hugging close,the leaves of oneshielding the otherfrom the torching sun for...

Self Validation

Who are you? a rainbowa coat of seven coloursa...

The Mall

Crowds of humans sacrifice their humanityWhen they cross the binary checkpoints of the mall entranceNot as humans, but as men and womenAnd...


crossing overthe borderinto the night no passportnor visaat hand determinationdesire to go intoanother land

The Man in Your Mirrors

Words slash your jug’lardraining love from pleading eyes.I see my monster.


From the margins we come, dancing. This poem is a dance floor. We fill it: with our bodies; with our love; with...

Sweekar: The Rainbow Parents Group

Aruna Desai talks about Sweekar, an LGBT support group for the parents by the parents based in Mumbai, with the goal...