Messages from the Team Cover

Sania Bilwani

Prose Editor

Working with Outcast has been a great learning experience. I am so glad to have the chance to be able to read so many powerful stories. With so many entries, it was difficult to choose the best ones, but in this Pride Issue we really wanted the final stories to be the ones that connect to the every day and the extraordinary at the same time. I hope we did these queer voices justice.

Steve Gomez

Design Lead

Working for Outcast Magazine to produce this issue has been a wild roller coaster of sleepless nights, completely unrelated arguments and a lot of intense emotions.

All things considered it was fun and a great learning experience. The best thing about it was the amazing team I worked with and the fantastic writers who gave us all this wonderful content to work with and were the inspiration for everything I worked on.

Syed Ommer Amer

I still remember the day I spoke to Fatema about rolling out this issue and their eyes sparkled. The dreams of providing a platform to the voices of marginalized communities was something we both believed in. 

The Pride Issue is not just a magazine, but an insight into the life of the queer community, it is a lens through which you will experience the highs, lows, love, hate, dreams, happiness and most importantly the vulnerability of people. 

I am proud to be a part of this initiative which is the harbinger of hope for the outcasts.

Syeda Hafsa

Poetry Editor

Working on this issue was not a usual ordeal, for some reason it proved to be more difficult than usual. May it be the number of entries we received, the exceptional quality of poetry or the selection (that I just couldn’t do alone). 

This particular issue is very dear to me because it intertwined with my personal life and there was a time that I thought of quitting but the poetry of our writers and Fatema’s support taught me to take pride in what I do and generally of who I am. I hope you find in this issue as much resolve and determination as I have.


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