Top 20 Finalists

My Prayer to the One-Eyed Goat – Shaivya RamaniThe Missing Lady – Sohini Ghosh
The Masterpiece – Chathushkie Jayasinghe
My Mother’s Demise – Saad Ahmed Khan
Stimulated Reality Machine – Sonali Bhagchandani
The Bridge – Kanishk Banka
Reward of Selfless Service – Ratan Kumar Saradar
Silent Watcher – Vinod H. Asudani
Thirst – Nirmeen Maroof
Treading the Gap – Amit Sareen

Mosaiked Souls – Ketaki Karnik
Kunar – Aliya Naseer Farooq
The Village by the Damodar – Sayan Bhattacharya
The Devil’s Mistress – Somendra Vyas
My Funeral – Kanishk Banka
Birth to a Dancing Star – Mohammad Shoaib Rashdi
Dear Mrs. Mandegrine – Amsel Bilal
Mosaicked Sould – Shabih Fatima
Dear Sadistic World – Areej Ali
Life, Letters, and Words – Bisma Jatoi

Competition Details

Word count : 2000 – 2500 words
Deadline : 15th July, 2018
Submit at :
Language : English

Theme # 1: The Fifth Rivulet
Theme # 2: Mosaicked Souls

About Competition Theme

The Fifth Rivulet

We are looking for bold, daring and insanely creative pieces on the theme ‘The Fifth Rivulet’.

The winning piece will have a plot which stretches dimensions of awesomeness to a new level. Wrap the plot in any genre you love including but not limited to horror, action, thriller, tragedy, comedy, sci-fi, and fantasy. Remember to keep it queer lit.

We have kept things open for you to experiment with ideas

About Competition Theme

Mosaicked Souls

We are looking for plots that revolve around spirituality, religion, tragedy, mental health, mystery or peace.

Winning story will have an out-of-the-world execution in establishing a connection between mosaic and soul.

If your plot lies outside the genres defined above but still nicely revolves around the theme. Send it over.

Remember to keep it queer lit.

Dates To Remember

Launch Date : 15th June 2018

Submission Deadline: 15th July 2018

Judging Round: 16th July – 30th July 2018

Results Announcements: 

Top 20 : 5th Aug 2018
Global Launch : 20th Aug 2018

Shipping Author Copies : 30th Aug 2018

How to Submit

It’s super easy


Send in your entries at with the subject line [Literati Award].

Please include a short author bio and a head-shot [optional] of the author along with the submission.


If any writer wishes to submit under a pseudonym, Outcast would be glad to publish their work as long as a general bio is submitted along with the story.

Judging Criteria

How we will rate your content?

*Relevance to Theme
Grammar and Punctuation
Structure and Organization
Overall impact of story

Sum of all the factors will constitute your final score!

*Please see guidelines and strictly stay within them

Submission Guidelines

Things you should know

Word Limit

2500 words

Multiple Submissions

Not allowed. Only one submission per person would be considered per theme. There are two themes, both to be rated separately so you can submit at max. one piece per theme.


Top 20 entries will be shortlisted to be a part of the published book. Each of these 20 finalists will receive ONE (01 copy each) as a gift. Extra hard copies or ebook can be ordered through Amazon, White Falcon’s WFPStore or

Will the book have an ISBN?

Yes, White Falcon Publishing will provide an ISBN to the book.

Content Rights

If your story is chosen as a finalist then content rights will be reserved by Daastan and White Falcon Publishing. You can not republish the content anywhere else without permission.

Grounds for disqualification

Previously published content, plagiarized work or plots containing hate speech, defamatory remarks against political or religious entities will result in immediate disqualification.


The real motivation


Get individual feedback. Improve. Advance to finals.


All finalists will receive a hard copy of their story at their doorstep.


To be announced after the Round 1 results.


The people who make it possible

White Falcon Publishing

White Falcon is one of the India’s leading self-publishing platform which enables Indian authors to access global market through their platform. They believe in empowering the content creators by providing them tools, technology and professionals which helps authors kick start their career.


Daastan is a literary forum working for revival of literature in Pakistan. They connect writers with opportunities for career growth. They believe in empowering authors by connecting all stake holders of Pakistan's literary industry through technology platform Qissa.