Editors Note Cover

Dear Reader,

Welcome to our Pride Issue which was supposed to be the first print edition of Outcast Magazine!

There is a long story that involves several ups and downs, arguments and heartache between this issue getting to print and it being with you as a digital copy right now. Somewhere out there are all the copies of this issue waiting for someone to find them, but we hope that in this uncertain and trying time this digital issue will offer queer and trans folk strength in these stories and poems that center and celebrate lives we may relate to.

This special issue of Outcast is very close to my heart, after all, we started working on it almost a year ago. In that time, we’ve spent many hours reading and re-reading the works in the issue and each time I am just as excited and inspired by them. I hope that these stories do for you what they did for me when it seemed like this issue would never see the light of day; offer hope, wisdom, and comfort. Here you will find work from writers across the world telling stories that are all unique in their telling and yet echo the same essence of comfort and warmth. These works range across a wide spectrum of themes that cover love, pride and queer lives in all their dimensions. I am very happy to present to you the product of their labor. 

I encourage you to acquaint yourself with the stories and characters in this issue. And once you have enjoyed them, I invite you to pass it along to a friend, carry it around, share it with another friend, tell people where you got it or where to send in their own work. I hope this issue is an experience for you that ends in reflection and perhaps expression. I hope it inspires you the way it has inspired me. 

This issue is dedicated to every queer person out there who feels like they are alone. We are here for you. Welcome to our community.   



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