Our Love Cover

Two desert jewels,
radiant pink and violet,
emerge from the ground
to blossom anew.
Stems entwined,
hugging close,
the leaves of one
shielding the other
from the torching sun
for part of the day,

then exchanging roles
with its partner,
enjoying moments of shade.

Sturdy and hearty
against the hot arid winds,
they thrive together,
tasting meager resources
they’re able to absorb
during extended droughts,
knowing their place on
restless land, never expecting
to blanket the dunes
with others of their species.

Accepting our destiny,
and learning the curves
of each other’s minds
and behaviors,
Laurent and I
plan for the future,
wrapping our lives together,
entwined as one spirit
in two graceful bodies.


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