Jellyfish Dreams - Volume 2 - Dream

She comes into my dreams
often, uninvited beauty,
transparent with tiny orbs
of different sizes,
shining like pearls in the sun.

She bobs out of water,
floats around, jiggles,
with tiny drops of water
slithering down her skin.

Moves delightfully up and down
with discernible movement.
A throb of life somewhere
in the midst of the body.
A scourge to swimmers
who trouble her.

Her regular forays,
out of the sea,
and into the sun
bother none.

She often glides along the coastline
But when depressed,
she dives into the depths of the sea,
seeking isolation in calm blues.

Her venomous tentacles
graze anyone passing by,
leaving behind a vengeful sting
to any who dare to disrupt.

These beautiful jellyfish dreams,
symbolizing painful memories
bolt me up from my unconscious slumber
into the world of the living.


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