Somewhere in Nigeria - Volume 2 - Dream

There are broken bottles of dreams
Of boys and girls of tomorrow
Carefully arranged in crates & coffins
By marauding Fulani herdsmen.

Somewhere in Nigeria
There are IDP’s
Suffering boredom
From the tranches of their dorm.

Somewhere in Nigeria
A billion naira dream gets aborted
Like a foetus sent on a suicide mission
By the sound of a gun
It goes in that area.

Somewhere in Nigeria,
Christians and Muslims
Are conjured
Playing soccer with their Gods
Spilling their blood
Fighting for their Gods
Racing for the crown of Ignorance
But One day
One day
I say One Day!
God shall be without a faith.

Somewhere In Nigeria
The Headquarters Of Poverty
The land grieves and laughs simultaneously
Like a comedian, she churns out beautiful jokes.

Somewhere In Nigeria
The dreams of Boys and Girls of Tomorrow
Were refilled in standing bottles
As they took a sip
The future was invented
In a serene environment
Where blood spillage is a mirage
And murderers now live as ants.

Somewhere In Nigeria
Voices of hope
Are walking on the streets
Dining with the masses
Like gas particles
Which are on its own volition
Cooking aroma of bright future
And oozing the song of freedom.


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