Will I Ever Find Love - Volume 2 - Dream

As I grow old, losing time
my heart’s still alone
Beating, panting, waiting for touch

I am a regular visitor at my friends’ weddings
Where I meet them with their wives and kids.
I see the romances, witness the love they share

Among habitually raised
A common question always remains
“When is your wedding?”

My parents wish to see grandchildren,
My relatives wish to see me settled.
Some try to hook up me with various girls.
Only I know that nothing will work.

Not that I don’t want love,
Not that I don’t want a companion.
Just that the air is not right,
And the perception, not fine.

Could be a fine young man
The one I am looking for,
But scared to come out
And extend his hand to me.

Will I ever find love?
Will I ever find the One?
Will I ever enjoy, love, feel and share
Each moment, each day, each night?

In a world of our own
Where none bother,none care,
Where this would be ordinary love,
Between extraordinary men.


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