MG; Dark Dawn

Ah, the last rites of the dejected lorette
Once upon a dark dawn she fell in love with thee
Thee a conformist and a lover of him;
She the master of fluidity and the lover of unreason.
These solemn hearts at thy funeral pyre
they don’t know sometimes thee partook in it too;
That delicate dance between desire and conformity.

Now we write an epitaph for thee
Thee a moulded perfection of heteronormativity
Gnawing at an impending demise of the apostolic martyr
Succinctly crafted thy impending demise.
The uncovered repository of a tragic adulation
Depositing the set pieces of our mutual pain
Elaborately designing them to be viewed by all…

Revel in your newfound Redemption,
Thee a whirling dervish courting oblivion through conformity.

I, a devious prophetess or so they say
I’m just an unwilling courtesan, I declare.
The Sedated malaise of the modernists.
The burdening despondency of the withdrawn.
Let me utter my final plea to thee
To “you”
Yes you

“Let’s succumb to this devotion
Let’s be modernists
Bathe in this glistening piety
Closeted behind this religiosity
A Desire for demise of irreligious
Abhorrence of the impious
Privately shed all teachings of virtues.

Outwardly dress up as paragon of self-congratulatory in -excellence
Chivalry and cowardice juxtaposed
I bear it all for the perennial requiem of the irreligious infidels
A Heathen and a committed Sufi
What a match !
I’ve tasted perils of unorthodoxy and I’ve embraced the new art form
I’ve been honored by these scars and rejection.

My dejected pride a badge of honor,
Stay with me I’ll teach you how to master it.”

The Godless have their own tavern
they welcome us wholeheartedly with their brittle gods and glorious idols,
Show us an ounce of compassion and we become the sunken ones in your indifferent daze
Give us dejection and we become the sunken ones in your compassionate haze
Predicaments of moderates in a world of intolerance
Unveil the conflicted modernist underneath
Utter it, utter it now!

The declaration of liberation say it to me, whisper it to me
Adieu my concubine

I’ve sculpted a monument to modernism
Now I’m just a Lorette subsuming into bygone eras
Drenching into this Dark, Dark Dawn.


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