Somya Puri_ Graveyard of Stamped Roses

Walking through the valley,
Taking a right turn and then left.
I came across an abandoned park,
Full of benches and withered trees.

There were roses everywhere,
Some black from dust,
Some stamped on,
Some scattered on the
Gravestones of the cupid,
The bow and the arrow lying around.

Tip-toeing to the graves, stepping on something
Sticky and gummy. Ewwww – ugh!
It was red and dark, like the
Colour of the heart.
I heard…

Somewhere in the
Distance, two men were
Being beaten to death for holding
Hands and loving each other.

There in the Corner, sat with his arms around his knees,
Head hung low and tears of pain dropping one
By one. He clung his chest –
Scratched his heart,
And the cupid
Joined the broken souls
In the Graveyard of stamped roses.


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