Ashat Arghawal_ meeting your knight in shining armour on your smartphone

Growing up,
You will meet a knight in shining armour they said.
It could be at a palace, a café or a friend’s friend’s dinner party.
But now you can meet him on your smartphone!
after all they didn’t really specify where?
And what variety you will find,
in the exotic bill of fare.
They come in so many shapes and sizes,
White, latino and Asians all in stride.
Some are twinks, some are jock,
For the smart ones even sapiosexuals abound.
If you are the discerning kind,
Then distinction of “femme” and “straight-masculine” you shall also find.
Some will want to cut to the chase,
and make you reach orgasm right away,
even if you are still on the phone, mind you.
Some will “host” you soon
and even sooner, bid adieu.
The odd one will sit right across to you at a bar,
but will text you nonetheless,
so absorbed he will be, that won’t even steal a moment to look at you.
Others with whom you have chatted for days,
and shared, ahem; details,
will stare awkwardly or, better, look through you
when they actually end up seeing you.
But don’t your worry,
You will find you knight in shining armour on your smartphone!
Because after all they didn’t really specify where?


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