A Maiden with The Bride Cover

I was perturbed by the familiar screams and cacophony,
It showed up as my face became red.
I had to put up the normative pretense,
But inside I had known I was about to be dead.
I knew I was conjured, I was smothered with excruciating agony.
My limbs shivered,
My lips quivered.
I could manage to look up at her,
The unparalleled grace.
She collected the restlessness and pacified it with her warm embrace,
She gave birth to my compassion, eradicated my disgrace.
She put my chin up, cupped my visage,
I looked at her in awe.
Our eyes met,
The ambience seemed mirthful, the mood seemed set.
Yes, she kissed me,
As the incident was, I’ll let it be.
Her soft and tender lips brushed against mine,
The exhilaration within me, I knew I would be fine.
Her lips were wet as she poured in passion,
Simultaneously awakening my lost compassion.
My hands ran through the soft ropes of her hair,
Her neck was supple and fair.
Her hands traced my spine,
Her submission explicated that she longed to be mine.
She withdrew, everything stood still,
The otherwise polluted urban environment appeared to be Chaucer’s April.
I knew I was loved, I knew I was full of life,
I wondered if this Stella of mine would ever become my wife.
But fortune is a rebellious whore,
I knew we were like parallel lines that would never meet.
But all these feelings, it all seemed vain,
She then proceeded to kiss me again.
Although this was not a pronounced fairytale, it did rain.
It broke my heart when I thought of losing her again.
Refusing to be dwindled in between the agony of the past and anxiety of the future,
It was the love that we chose to nurture.
It was the kiss that led to the pronounced consummation,
It was the soul’s integration.
It was just the bodies, that marked the separation,
Our soul was one.
But then there’s the question of union, that never happened.
If we could not be together in the morbid reality,
It did not pronounce condemnation to the integrity.
The reverie that still makes me blush,
A sense of thrill and adrenaline rush.
It revives within me the person that I’d lost before,
I feel so alive and want to live a little more.
And within the world of fiction,
I’ll get her to be mine.
The world which would include her and me,
I’ll let my imagination run wild and free.
While I weave up words,
She will be somewhere close,
I know she still waits for me.
But again, I’ll let it be,
I’m in my rational temper and wit.
Yes, a girl kissed me,

And I loved it.


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