Editors Note Cover

This past year has been difficult for many and as this new year starts we are all hoping for better, hoping that perhaps the darkness of the past year will not follow us. What I have learned most during this year is patience. With the regular routines of life being upended because of lockdowns and distancing, there is been a growing sense of isolation; cut off from our friends, communities, support systems. It sometimes feels like the light at the end of the tunnel is just within reach and this pandemic will come to an end soon, but it keeps being pushed further and further away. I hope that this new year is better for all of us and that you get to begin it by reading some wonderful queer lit from this issue.

Volume 4 was initially planned for a year before we actually put it together. We are lucky enough to be able to include authors who were patient with us and allowed us the time and space to breathe life back into Outcast.

This issue will offer you a range of genres, you will find poems for loved ones, for the fear of fitting in, for injustice; you will find stories with the mundane moments in life, with otherworldly creatures and so much more. Enjoy taking your time to read through these works. And once you’re done, check out the new and exciting things we have coming up.



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