Sister Cover

Effeminate hands folded neatly on an anxious lap. 
Stepping out of home each time requires a new breath of courage, 
Different to what I take.
Catcalls differ to what I must bear: 
More vulgar, 
More violent,
Neither an object nor a being. 
Kohl lined eyes soften at the sight of a child with her mother, 
Pregnant woman with her husband, 
Blushing young woman with her teasing young man, 
Things that are yearned for but too far away.  
Conservative eyes dart curiously, 
Immediately replaced by disdain 
“What is wrong with that thing?” 
Sitting next to me 
Softer woman than I am, 
Stronger woman than I am, 
But somehow, 
Less woman than me 
Expecting the same disdain and shuffling away, 
But I smile; 
Smile returned. 
Subtle sigh of relief sinking fully in to the seat, that I didn’t miss.
Fortuitous ally in a hostile bus. 
Your existence is not a mistake; 
Sister, sit next to me as long as you need to. 
Have no doubt that I only see you, 
Your identity is what you’re true to. 



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